Tribute to Napoleon Oil Painting 19th Century

Code :  ARTOTT0001056

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Tribute to Napoleon Oil Painting 19th Century

Code :  ARTOTT0001056

not available
Product Details

Work title:  L'omaggio a Napoleone

Time:  The NINETEENTH Century - 1800

Subject:  Historical Subject

Artistic technique:  Disegno

Technical specification:  Pastels and tempera

Tempera on paper applied to canvas. The drawing depicts a tribute to Napoleone Bonaparte, who is surrounded by some officials to the right and dignitaries and nobles to the left. The scene is set on a wide terrace surrounded by a double colonnade decorated with friezes and statues that create a frame enclosing the conqueror. The terrace overlooks an indefinite and boundless landscape which clearly represents Napoleone's great expansion. Some stains and losses of color. 19th century.

Product Condition:
Fair condition. Wear consistent with age and use.

work dimensions (cm):
Height: 58
Width: 103
Depth: 2

Additional Information

Il disegno è il processo di tracciare segni su una superficie tramite l'applicazione di una pressione o il trascinamento di un apposito strumento sulla superficie. Gli strumenti sono: matite in grafite o colorate, penna, pennelli fini con inchiostro, pastelli a cera o carboncini; i supporti tradizionali più frequenti sono carta, cartoncino, tavola, muro, tela, rame, vetro.

Pastels and tempera:
The pastel is a drawing technique that uses sticks of colored pigment. The percentage of the binder (glue or wax) is reduced to a minimum to ensure adhesion of the pigment to the sheet. The color is so pure and bright; this characteristic is enhanced by using paper more or less rough. To ensure an increased adhesion of the colored powders to the paper, the drawing can be sprayed with a fixative, which decreases, however, the vividness of colors. A pastel drawing can be properly preserved under glass to protect it from moisture and dust.

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