Pair of Chippendale Style Bedside Tables

Code :  ANMOST0068796

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Pair of Chippendale Style Bedside Tables

Code :  ANMOST0068796

not available
Product Details

Style:  Chippendale style

Time:  20th Century - 1900

Supported by four moved and carved feet, as well as the lower band and the uprights. On the rounded front they have a door. On the top rest four curled feet that support a mixtilinear alabaster top.

Product Condition:
Product in fair condition showing some signs of wear.

Dimensions (cm):
Height: 71,5
Width: 56,5
Depth: 38

Additional Information

Chippendale style:
Predominant style in the furniture of the English in the second half of the Eighteenth century (with influence on North America and Germany and the Netherlands), by the name of the stipettaio Thomas Chippendale was born in Otley (Yorkshire) in 1718, died in 1779 in London. In 1749 Chippendale, whose father had been a pure manufacturer of furniture, opened a store in London, and in 1754 he published the work that marks a milestone in the history of furniture English, "The Gentleman and Cabinet Maker's Director", the codification of national forms already existing, and together with the collection of new inventions, decorative characterized by the wide eclecticism (reasons the French Regency and Louis XV styles, patterns, chinese motifs and gothic). The originality of the Chippendale consists above all in having been able to assimilate with exquisite taste the various reasons to the traditional lines of the furniture of the English, thus lending classic style to this furniture in his elegant features that are already reflected in the characters of that elite class of which he was the exponent, J. Addison. Date this originality relative Chippendale (he was not the highest expression of the tendencies that are widespread in the cabinet-making English of the Eighteenth century), not surprisingly has extended the designation of Chippendale furniture manufactured by others, both before and after the publication of the Director. The son of the Chippendale continued the art of the father by associating himself with Thomas Haig (the company Chippendale, Haig lasted until 1805), and then only until 1822; many of the furnishings were executed from the designs of the architect R. Adam, that is, belong to the final phase, the neoclassical furniture of the xviii century. With the Chippendale style came to perfection in the workmanship of the mahogany, exotic wood came out of fashion around 1730. - The Chippendale style is named after a famous English manufacturer of furniture of the ' 700. Thomas Chippendale was born in 1718 to the middle of the EIGHTEENTH century designed the first furniture of the Rococo style, sometimes with the addition of oriental decoration, and finally the furniture from the neo-classical taste, his output was wide-ranging, producing furniture still expensive and elaborate but also of the common ones and, for a time, cheap. From the date of his death in 1779 the production passed into the hands of the born in 1749 until the beginning dell'800 produced mainly furniture neoclassical. Still today, some of the production of dining rooms, bedrooms and other pieces of furniture of the 40's are defined for the forms in the Chippendale style. This style is, chronologically, susseguito to the Art Deco and art nouveau.

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