The conditions of this regulation are preliminary to the use of the service "Purchase Request" on the site www.dimanoinmano.it

The acceptance of the purchase request, our customer service will agree the conditions of shipment of the goods according to what has been indicated in the email request.
The necessary expenses for the shipment of the goods shall be calculated on the actual dimensions of the objects and their destination, the first shipping costs information is approximate only. The calculation of actual costs to sustain accurately will be given at the time of acceptance.
Purchase more items from the possibility of obtaining discounts on transport, given that the company in charge of this service does not apply cumulative rates but only the exact volume.
The shipping cost includes packaging that will always and anyway.

Shipments shall be made only after registration of the payment. The time it takes for a bank credit equals four to five working days: the passage of that time is not attributable to delay shipment.

Operations of payment of the purchase price and shipping, we will deliver the product to the carrier, packed with the greatest speed possible. The cooperative will operate to better ensure that the products arrive in the best condition, but we cannot be held responsible for any damage resulting from any delay that occurred during transport.

It is useful to clarify that ship antiques requires a series of slow and delicate operations, therefore, in some cases, delivery cannot be timely.
The courier will arrange delivery by phone directly with the customer. If the agreed delivery misses none, subsequent attempts (always granted by telephone) will be charged to the consignee on delivery.

Delivery is understood outside of the dwelling Board trucks (i.e., as per the contract, the carrier shall not be required to unload the goods). Any deliveries with hydraulic lift (to bring the road height) will be agreed beforehand in negotiations

Insurance rules
In case of damage caused by the carrier, please contact us with confidence; We will try to make you have a compensation according to the current laws concerning

How we used are as follows:
1. vector shipping: reimburses 1 euros per kg as from 450 on transport law.
Included in the cost of packaging and shipping, is calculated in the event of damage, a refund equal to 1 euro per kg, as expected from transport vector 450 law.

2. optional shipping insurance: repays the entire amount paid for the object.
Is it possible if you wanted, insure the shipment on the value of the goods. In case of damage will total EUR versataci shall repay to the purchase. It is a recommended way to expensive items. In this case the damaged goods will be returned.

If an object is delivered damaged, the customer must sign subject to the waybill performed by courier. Otherwise you won't advance request for damages.

It is in the full right of the buyer to check the goods before retiring.
If the carrier does not allow these operations fulfills a lack serious, our advice in this case is to sign with sanctuary, specifying that you have been unable to carry out checks.

Given the treated material, staff from hand to hand, with particular attention to packaging methodologies.
These methods require different processes depending on the object, affecting both the timing (maximum fifteen additional days) shipping rates.
Depending on the type of object to send you will opt for a different packing methods, which can vary from single coating with bubble wrap or cardboard to more complex coatings, imbancalati and extractors.
The packaging will be subject to removal of the object, where it is possible.
The packaging material is not to make.
The operation will conclude with labelling and transport documentation.

Attention: for items picked up the warehouse deliveries of Cambiago (Mi) Via XXV Aprile 59, there is no packing: If the customer wanted, the cost of packaging is to be added to the cost of the object itself.
The packaging will take place only in the face of prior communication.