Modern design


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Modern design

There are objects that are part of our history and that have made history. The history of Design, from the years ' 30 to date, has profoundly altered our relationship to the domestic environment, the way we look at things that are part of our lives. Suresh Raina indicates how the meaning of the term Industrial design the resulting harmonic between production and "culture": a new aesthetic dignity afforded to everyday objects, a continuous desire to research, development of materials, techniques, in the highest sense of the term, all this is represented in the huge variety of types of what we call "Design". A culture that is part of the panorama of the 20th century and which places itself at the service of life, that decorates our homes, which draws our landscapes newspapers, seeking new solutions in a creative relationship with reality:

"The reality and the reality of" industrial design "is a vital and alive, in which the function and production and form aren't either before or after, but not before and after being together because the artist is the man who discovers the form knowing the function, and knowing the production, and is the man who gives shape to his discoveries (...) When Charles Eames draws his chair, doesn't draw only a Chair, but draws a way of sitting, IE doesn't draw for a function, but draws a tool ". (Ettore Sottsass, 1954)

These are the thoughts that accompanies the amazement every time we approach a new mobile object or piece of furniture of modernity and design that comes in our markets.

These reflections generate a comparison, a search and a collaboration between us and with experts in the field to be able to offer our customers not only the object itself but that little bit extra that only those who practice a job with passion.

While it is true that "he who works with his hands is a laborer, who works with his hands and his head is a craftsman who works with his hands, head and heart is an artist" us, with good reason, we can consider ourselves artists of modernism and design!

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