Radio Orson

Orson Radio Di Mano in Mano

As Andrea says in our first podcast, we will remember this spring 2020 for a lifetime.

Life that is made up of emotions, encounters, stories and sometimes discoveries that change our destinies.

We have decided to dedicate a series of podcasts precisely to rediscovered treasures from the past - be they books, works of art or furnishings - and to the people who animate our existence.

It's called Radio Orson, you'll find out why by listening to the first episode of this experiment.

None of the voices you will hear alternating during the episodes is a professional speaker.

These are the voices of our members who have decided to embark on this project for two reasons:
the first reason is that we believe in the power of stories;
the second is that the Di Mano in Mano is always here in its place, active despite the emergency and ready to take on ever new challenges.

In the first few episodes there may be some small mistakes but we assure you that we are trying hard and we can only improve.

Happy listening from all of us.

All episodes are also available on Spotify !
this link it is possible to listen to those dedicated to stories about people and furnishings, while the series on books can be foundhere .