Di Mano in Mano WebTV

Di Mano in Mano Web TV

Di Mano in Mano Video was born from the need to bring customers closer to our reality from the comfort of home, offering new content and introducing new ways of purchasing.

In our schedule you can find:
- The book of the week : Raffaella recommends a book to read in our library
- In the bookshop with Letizia : together with Letizia you will be able to discover the new arrivals in the Cambiago bookshop
-The library of the ancients : Raffaella accompanies us to discover the ancient books in our library
- How to ship antiques : our warehouse workers show us how we pack furniture and antiques for a safe journey to your homes

Di Mano in Mano is a great reality, with many nuances. We can't explain it with words alone, so we thought we'd show you through our eyes. With our videos shot by experts in each sector you can immerse yourself in the world Di Mano in Mano.

Discover our latest videos and you will always be updated on Di Mano in Mano.