Shipping and Packaging



Deposit service and rules

If 15 days have elapsed, for uncollected goods for which collection in person or with your own courier had been communicated, an additional daily storage cost of 5 euros + VAT will be charged for each item.
Example : for an object that is collected 20 days after the payment date, a deposit cost of 100 euros + VAT will be applied.
No storage costs are calculated for items collected within the 15 days indicated.


After more than 90 days of deposit, we reserve the right to cancel the sale; the sum paid will be refunded to us by deducting the costs of storage and processing. The data necessary to make any refund must be communicated to us within 7 working days by traceable means (mail or registered letter with return receipt).
Failure to provide such data will not give the right to any refund.


In case of damage caused by the carrier, please contact us with confidence; we will take steps to give you compensation according to the applicable laws in force.
If at the time of unloading the goods, at your shipping address, you notice that there is damage to the packaging, we advise you, in the presence of the carrier, to take photos of the packaging before proceeding with opening it to check if the products inside were also damaged.
In the event of damage to the products but not to the packaging, in order to better assess the extent of the damage, it is necessary to take photographs of the packaging and the goods themselves and send these photos to
The methods we use are as follows:
1. vector shipping : reimburses 1 euro per kg as per law 450 on transport.
Included in the packing and shipping costs indicated, a refund of 1 euro per kg is calculated in the event of damage, as required by law 450 on vector transport.
2. optional insured shipping : refund the entire amount paid for the item.
If desired, it is possible to insure the shipment on the value of the goods. In case of damage, the total amount paid to us for the purchase will be refunded. It is a recommended mode in cases of expensive objects . In this case, the damaged goods must necessarily be returned.

If a damaged item is delivered, the customer must necessarily sign the waybill presented by the courier with reserve. Otherwise it will not be possible to make a claim for damages.
It is the buyer's full right to check the goods before picking them up .
If the courier does not allow these operations, he commits a serious fault, our advice in this case is to sign with reserve, specifying that you have been prevented from carrying out checks.