Who we are

The foundations of our life and work are an attempt to take care of the community and the environment we live in, of ourselves, of man and of the earth.

Taking care requires professionalism and innovation in our actions, thinking about the common good and operating in a sustainable way.
Taking care of the environment in a holistic vision, of its territory and the community that inhabits it, its history, art and culture, its needs for work and training opportunities and its social fragility.

Even if what we can do is only a small, very small contribution, we cannot make it miss; in Di Mano in Mano we try to do this.

Our roots lie in the experiences of the communities of life of Villapizzone and Castellazzo del Mondo Community and Family .
The business, initially born to support the communities, grew and was structured in the Cooperative Di Mano in Mano in 1999.
Today, with about 60 members and dozens of job placements every year, we are one of the most important realities of this type in Italy; we collaborate with the Social Services of Milan, the Ministry of Grace and Justice, the ASL, Caritas Ambrosiana, and with various associations in the area.

Professionalism and Innovation

From the clearing of the cellars to " Spazio 900 by Di Mano in Mano " and " FineArt by Di Mano in Mano ".
Two specific brands dedicated to Antiques, Design and Art: two channels to explore and rediscover the history and beauty that each piece testifies.
In all this there is also the study and appraisals of antique furniture and paintings, restoration and transformation of 20th century furniture.
Two shops, Milan and Cambiago, two places to meet and discover each other in person.

Work for the common good

A company is always a piece of a society and a territory, it is part of a community and as such it can only work for the good of that community. Continue to live in the spirit of the communities, a spirit of sharing work and the sober wealth that is the fruit of this work.
20 years have passed since its foundation but we try to remain a young reality, attentive to young people, which gives young people work and training spaces, a reality attentive to the many frailties of our society.

Environmental sustainability

Always attentive to the issues of reuse and recycling. Always attentive to environmentally friendly restoration processes using mainly organic products.
Always at the forefront of promoting second hand, a concrete way to reduce the consumption of natural resources by restoring life to what, despite having already had a past life, can still have a future life.
In our stores it is possible to find furniture, objects, books, clothing and accessories, paintings and everything that makes a home, everything that is functional and everything that is beauty.

About us

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