Antiques, Modern and Art Shop in Cambiago

In Cambiago, in Via Castellazzo 8, more than 1000 m2 of exhibition space and more; of 3,000 square meters of warehouses where you can find antiques, antiques, modern art, furniture and furnishing accessories, books, vinyls, vintage clothes, collectibles in general, appliances, hi tech...

"This is an antique shop, a shop design, an art shop, which however; it also deals with book sales, vintage and much more…Seeing is believing".
É what you said to convince your family to accompany you to buy one of the paintings from hand to hand. Actually; you think you are very united, it is; it's just that everyone has different interests, and it's not a matter of course. It is easy for you all to move together: your wife, for example, is a family member. a lover of beauty, which from his point of view means art or precious collectibles; Your in-laws love all things vintage, from vintage clothes the antique kits; your son and his girlfriend just graduated from design school, while your teenage daughter can't stop buying books
In any case, it seems that those last words have managed to bring everyone to agreement because it's a very important thing. you, loving father of a family, have just parked the family bus in Via Castellazzo 8, in front of the hand in hand shop and a series of warehouses. É Saturday afternoon, the sun is high, the sky appears an intense blue, and you can't wait to lead your relatives inside the shop…
Open the door wide and you find yourself in a very large atrium, where different environments have been recreated through a harmonious play of joints, colors and changes in the flooring.

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Advance inside the shop, stepping on a couple of carpets that guide you in the illusory corridor. As you imagined, your son and his girlfriend will be fascinated by the elegant rooms that open up to your right. These are well-kept rooms, furnished with antique furniture, bookcases, antique writing desks, flanked by designer tables and modern antiques and design armchairs
It seems a contradiction, yet it is the perfect encounter between modern antiques, all embellished with fine collectibles, such as small sculptures or decorative vases, and elegant antique chandeliers. Explain to them that everything they see is real. of second hand, it is; used, and fortunately a saleswoman reaches you and gives you the opportunity to find a solution. reason why; from the expression on your son's face he didn't seem very convinced. “How can such furniture be used? elegant and well kept?”, the saleswoman smiles, and it is; happy to explain to the family that everything they will see inside that shop, as well as as in the one of Milan, it is; second hand, but which is carefully selected and, if necessary, entrusted to the restoration to be restored to its maximum splendor. He smiles enthusiastically as he calls the hand in hand store a "fine and elegant thrift store". Later he addresses your child directly, explaining that on the other side of the shop he will find a variety of products. the defined articles Selected, the most refined collection of antiques, modern art, art and books. Your in-laws are then awarded the personal guide of the shop: the saleswoman is the only one who takes care of the shop. so; kind to accompany them in the space dedicated to antique furnishings, antique tablecloths, bedcovers and vintage sheets. So you decide to ask your daughter if she wants to look for the clothing department, emphasizing how, by browsing the online catalogue, you have seen that she could find precious vintage skirts, vintage coats and other clothes and second-hand accessories… But his answer is: it's came for the books.
So you look for a look of understanding with your wife, and it is; only then do you see her standing at the entrance, enchanted in front of a painting hanging in front of the door.
You smile and take a quick look around you, happy to see how many paintings from the 19th century, ancient sculptures and collectibles there will be! free to admire…
Then you place a hand on your daughter's shoulder, and together you reach the large space dedicated to the book sale. Do you think her mood improves when she is surrounded by towering bookcases, even more so when she is surrounded by bookcases? when you suggest she go in search of precious old and rare books, a recent interest that in that “refined and elegant thrift shop” can satisfy.
And now it's time. your turn has come. The reason why you went to that shop is called Mare in Burrasca, a precious painting from the 17th century attributed to Marco Ricci, which you would like to buy . You then reach a second saleswoman, introduce yourself, and remind her of the telephone appointment made to be able to see the painting live. She smiles and guides you beyond that red rope that separates the change shop from the hand in hand warehouses. You then pass next to an area that houses hundreds of lamps and antique chandeliers, but there are also long showcases that contain clocks, dishware and glasses, and so on so many other collectibles that you spontaneously slow down to be able to observe them…
And then you notice dozens and dozens of paintings, sequences of precious ancient sculptures, busts, columns and then long rows and rows of furniture and mirrors… You realize your mouth is open and you close it again to give yourself an attitude: you've never seen anything like this before...

Suddenly you realize you are in one of the most beautiful places in the world. department stores in Italy and you want to know more, to spend the day browsing in that huge second-hand museum. If your family is Milanese you will be quick to come and visit us in our shop from hand to hand Milan, in Viale Espinasse 99! Please, we are waiting for you in both stores! But in the meantime, take a look at our online catalog and stay up to date on new arrivals.


Cambiago Shop, Via Castellazzo 8


How to reach us:

Opening Hours:
Tuesday and Thursday: from 3pm to 7pm
Saturday and Sunday: from 10 to 19, non-stop

Whatsapp/Tel: 334 701 7216 o 02 95 349 193
Facebook: Di Mano in Mano (Cambiago)
Instagram: @dimanoinmano

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Antiques Shop


Inside our second-hand shop, care and attention are dedicated to the antiques sector. But “what is considered antiques?” Well, generally we refer to objects, furniture and furnishing accessories made at least 100 years before the date on which they are valued . In our antiques section, in particular, it will seem to you that there is a lot of antiques. to make a real journey through time, returning to the eighteenth, nineteenth or twentieth centuries. In fact, you will be able to immerse yourself in a vintage atmosphere, closely observing the details of precious ancient clocks, looking into the eyes of marble sculptures, touching the antique carpets and admiring up close the richness of some chandeliers, such as the blown glass chandeliers or the golden glass chandeliers. You will be able to move freely among the antique furniture, easily imagine a nineteenth-century writer sitting at that ancient desk or a duchess combing her hair in front of that rich baroque mirror, or who, undecided, lingers in choosing a book from that splendid old library.

scrittoio con macchina da scrivere antica di mano in mano arredi antichi di mano in mano scrittoio antico di mano in mano

Come and visit us in our shops in Milan and Cambiago, you will notice how the entire antiques sector refers to precious pieces, refined and refined. Everything is second hand antiques, but each piece is carefully selected and restored if necessary.  Stay up to date through our online site, there are new arrivals every day!

Modern Design Shop and Design

In our Cambiago second-hand shop  of over 1000m2, you can find a wide selection of design and modern antiques, starting from the 20th century.
Furniture from the 40s, 50s, 60s and 70s handcrafted or made by great designers such as Gio Ponti, Achille Castiglioni, Marcel Breuer, Le Corbusier, Gino Sarfatti, Tobia Scarpa, Max Ingrand, Gaetano Sciolari, BBPR, Osvaldo Borsani, Ico Parisi, Ignazio Gardella, Joe Colombo, Marco Zanuso and Luigi Caccia Dominioni.

Every day you will find a wide selection of designer furniture that will drive you crazy.
New arrivals, selected and restored, to be offered in the best possible way. What are they?
Vintage sideboard, design chairs, 50s table and any other vintage furniture from the 20th century.
We have been dealing with modernism for 20 years, but thanks to the passion and good will of the of the members, the Di Mano in Mano has been; specialized, for over 10 years, also in design.
What are you waiting for? If we have intrigued you, come and visit us at our Cambiago design furniture shop.

tavolo e sedie modernariato di mano in mano arredi modernariato e design di mano in mano arredi design e modernariato di mano in mano

Art Gallery


A large collection of objects, sculpturespaintings, ancient paintings and contemporary in over 1000 square meters of exhibition. Visible in the shop and purchasable online at any time: marble busts, ancient paintings, ancient sculptures, contemporary paintings , paintings from the 19th to the 20th century. To guarantee our customers, the art sector makes use of the advice of experts and experts in ancient art and accompanies the works of contemporary masters with authentications and certificates of origin.

We make all the professionalism available to you. accumulated in more; of 20 years of operation. We also offer you a free painting evaluation service, necessary if you want to sell old paintings, and a painting appraisal service, i.e. a precise analysis of the work of art or, in general, of the antiquarian work, giving a location of the period, provenance and conditions up to formulating a historical and artistic.  Stay up to date on the new-arrivals so you don't miss any of the new purchases ancient art and contemporary art.

quadri moderni di mano in mano cambiago dipinti ritratti di mano in mano cambiago dipinto grande antico di mano in mano

Vintage Clothing


In our thrift shop you can find sought-after vintage clothing, second hand clothes and antique kits. But "what does vintage dress mean?"
The generic term refers to clothing originating from an earlier era, up to the '90s, and, in our shop, the term vintage clothing is used as a generic term. usually used to indicate valuable clothes.
Looking at the clothes in the shop, in fact, you will see elegant jackets, coats, foulards, sweaters or trousers : they come from the most important fashion houses, for example Armani, Gucci, Prada and others, which have also become famous for the use of precious fabrics , such as cashmere or silk. The term second hand is synonymous with used clothing.
In the vintage clothing sector in Cambiago, in recent years, there has been a growing trend. An increase in second hand shops has been demonstrated, and we at Di Mano in Mano, with our 20 years of experience, remain a point of reference in this sector, the first supporters of reuse and vintage.

vestiti estivi vintage di mano in mano cambiago abbigliamento vintage di mano in mano cambiago vestiti e accessori vintage di mano in mano cambiago

By visiting our thrift shop you can observe the care dedicated to these garments, try on the ones that most appeal to you. you like, and also take a look at the broad category of antique outfit, where you will find household linen (for example tablecloths, vintage sheets and towels), nightwear (for example nightgowns, dressing gowns, vintage underwear) but also curtains and doilies.
Did you know that ancient furnishings, such as vintage clothes, can be of great value? É due to the careful handwork carried out on these products, such as the delicate lace and lace.
Check out the new clothing arrivals before buying something new! 
Our purpose in clothing reuse is; meet the needs of our planet. Indeed, we are convinced that:

“What? that no longer serves; to you can; serve to others. Ciò che non serve più agli altri può servire a te”.

Collector Items


From Murano glass objects to 900 sculptures, from terracotta vases to precious wall clocks. But also 50's lamps, and antique paintings!
Did you know that you can find all this and more in just one shop?
All you have to do is type “object shop” safe, “Cambiago gift shop". You will find all the directions to reach us in Via Castellazzo, 8.
Inside our shop you will be able to answer the question “where do I buy antiques”: you will be fascinated by the precious Baroque-style objects or by the works of great artists such as Henry Dasson or Bruno Merli. For example, you can choose from a wide range of copper vases, porcelain vases or an entire set of decorative vases to add a touch of color and fantasy to your home!
Our proposal for the sale of antiques is; one of the most large parts of Italy and, in addition to precious ancient vases, it ranges from vintage porcelain plates, to vintage musical instruments and much more, up to to the precious antique silverware.
Hurry up and join us in the shop so you don't miss the silver service sale: it is a fine silver collection in which you can find real treasures, such as a silver tray, a silver cutlery set, a silver candle and much more!
If marble sculptures, antique clocks, other vintage objects or silver table sets aren't your thing, don't worry, you are in the right place anyway! Our object shop also deals with the “sale of modern antiques", paying attention to the design of the ‘900.

ceramiche antiche di mano in mano cambiago oggettistica antica di mano in mano cambiago oggetti porcellana antichi di mano in mano cambiago

Don't miss the new arrivals of our object shop, go immediately to the dedicated section: you will discover a very precious silver cutlery set, an ancient table clock and many other precious ancient and modern objects.

Used, Ancient and Rare Books


Care, attention, meticulousness and respect, are just some of the adjectives to describe the daily commitment dedicated to book sales.
Inside our Cambiago shop, an entire mezzanine is used as a storage area. furnished with bookcases full of used books, of old books. Art books, essays, children's books and many other genres, an entire collection enriched by precious old books strong> and even some first editions. 
So, if you are wondering where to buy used books, but also, more; specifically, where to buy old books or where to buy first editions, come and visit us, you will be able to feel all the excitement of buying a used book.
But not just any used book, no, a book whose pages you will leaf through knowing that, before you, someone else has read it. lingered exactly on the word you are reading; knowing that someone held their breath, cried, laughed, screamed precisely because of the book that you are now holding timidly in your hands…
Knowing that that ancient book has crossed the continent, it is survived the war, & egrave; passed from hand to hand until it reaches you...
In short, you will be able to read the story written by the author, but, if you are sufficiently attentive and curious, also the one that the book itself tells.

libri per bambini di mano in mano cambiago libri di narrativa di mano in mano cambiago libri di viaggi di mano in mano cambiago

Stay up to date on new arrivals at our used books shop, don't risk missing out of some rare first editions, they are real treasures!

Vinyl shop


In Cambiago, inside our hand in hand shop, or in the our second-hand market, you can find many used vinyl and Hi-Fi systems . But “what is meant by Hi-Fi?” It means high fidelity, i.e. audio and video products capable of reproducing sounds very similar to the original, with good quality. 
Used vinyl and some used hi-fi products arrive in the shop thanks to the work of every day; subsequently, each article is carefully listened to to verify its quality. And here, among these, we can also find real treasures, for example rare Italian vinyls and international, such as the Beatles vinyl .  

If, therefore, you are looking for used vinyl and used hi-fi come to Via Castellazzo, 8: the shop has a large dedicated space to this category of products, for which you will also earned a place among the “used vinyl shop cambiago” and “cambiago hi-fi shop". 
If you want a preview of what you can physically find in the shop, you can find it on our page dedicated to the second hand market, in the hi-fi and vinyls section. Choose the used vinyl or used hi-fi product that best suits your needs. you like it and come and pick it up directly in the shop. We are waiting for you!