Social Enterprise

At the beginning of our history, and even today, we have not been called to build a company, but an entire piece of society.
We are to build a workplace, maybe even alternative and, but we aimed to build a social place, a place where you work, we grow, we communicate, you live and you learn to live a long life.
Our experience is something revolutionary, seeking new and different routes for a better quality of life who is led to a reflection on the lifestyle and choices.
And all this with a fundamental economic sustainability for our alternative to make credible.

impresa sociale

Create a business case

for members. Self-sustenance of members and their families, work, together, greeting each other.

Greeting of brother
who knocks at our door disadvantaged children and adults from various areas of the territory. Acceptance of the other, of the customer.

a working alternative culture, first man to profit.

Promote the culture of recovery
recycling, reuse. Attention to the use of the things and the environment.

Social enterprise is a diverse collection of people, employees, partners and children. People who every day strive to share the work time, seek to exploit this time to be a productive time, a time of prosperity, once lived. We are not a social cooperative that considers people granted "at a disadvantage", meaning they have no chance of finding a job in the business world. We are a cooperative with their work decided to give an opportunity of training & nbsp; people who right now are not yet ready, for many problems, to a job in any company.


The company, under the Constitution, chose to give to shareholders as 35 hours weekly working time to leave the remaining time to devote to the family, to the community for those who live there or in other activities useful to the community in which you live. Overtime is an obvious contradiction with respect to the reduction of working hours for which they are paid but, if found to be hours worked in addition due to the peculiarity of some work or duties, these go to recovery of any permitted or required by the absence during the month.

Many are among the partners who work with part-time contract (the highest percentage is in the operational units of Cambiago where you touch the tip of the 83% i.e. 15 members on 18) evidence of the firm's attention to the individual and personal and family needs of individual members.

The remuneration that the partners have chosen is equal for all in proportion to the number of hours worked.

You have chosen as an element of differentiation of wages so the task that the partner plays but his family needs. Each shareholder will receive in addition to the basic salary, family allowances and a monthly fixed fee for each dependent child.


This tool makes it possible not only to open socially valuable perspectives to children "at a disadvantage", but also a concrete form of approximation and, so to say, to reconciliation between the industrious and marginal groups of the population. It also offers children and their families new mental perspective for tackling the problem of labour before they offer real work experience.

This experience makes the guy than the choices we must make and the final outcome of his research is the result of the match between your preferences and the actual availability of the local labour market.

Shows the guy that you can learn and, at the same time, you need to learn to become able to carry out certain operations connected with the work.

The partner then asks the boy some performance but is also tolerant than the initial incompetence and is available to teach manners and correct execution times. In this sense, the relationship between members and guys can be seen as that between coaches and players: the boys are trained through cooperative work to play then the real game that is the world of work. Every guy has his way with someone you will have to improve one thing and not another, and then training programmes, if so we will call them, thinking that each of them will be called upon to play in life, in different roles, according to its possibilities and its history.


Feeling fully included in the nonprofit sector and willing to experiment with new ways to make the process of typing system, namely the definition of rules in the field of labour legislation, we are experiencing the ergoterapico work.

It is a model that, for disadvantaged people, in trouble or in research who voluntarily for their need and not a business need, alongside our way, asking to stay with us before working with us.

An idea of work/contract tailored to the individual, to his problems, to its limits, its relational needs, therapeutic products, to its project and need of life. Remuneration proportionate to its production capacity.

The work meant not only as an action of production of goods and services aimed at an economic gain, but as an integral part of the life of man, as need be. The child needs, the adult game. Through work the adult human being feels part of a human community, a society.

So here's the essential aspects of the work ergoterapico:
Voluntary Request; boys entered into cooperative at their request, to their need, be it human, experiential therapy.
The salary Aspect; is the secondary goal of therapeutic or experiential subject.
Limitation of time; the inclusion is limited to a few months or years.
Productivity and production; productivity is secondary compared to the objectives of the project.

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